INTERFAITH: Young People in Jewish-Muslim dialogue

The students who took part in the Jewish Muslim students’ dialogues in Wellington and Auckland spoke highly of the experience. The RDC thanks Professor Paul Morris, Sultan Eusoff and Dr Zain Ali for their leadership. We were encouraged by the students’ enthusiastic response to the dialogue, but distressed to learn that each one of them had a story to tell of being harassed, some quite severely. The RDC will continue to hold more such dialogues in the future.

EVENT: Religion, the Media and the (Un)making of Prejudice towards New Zealand’s Muslims

Auckland, 15 May 2016; Dunedin, 16 May 2016.

Dr John Shaver’s work is concerned with understanding how and why religions unite and divide groups of people, the dynamics of religious change in Oceania, and the effects of inequality on decision making and health. He is currently part of the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study. In addition to New Zealand, he has conducted research in the Czech Republic, Fiji, Mauritius and the United States