Learning to build cohesion in a diverse society.

The RDC are experts in providing workshops that develop participants abilities to overcome ignorance and discrimination, and learn to build social cohesion in our culturally and religiously diverse society.

Provided by Internationally Accredited Trainers.

Provided by Belieforama accredited trainers, our workshops can be custom tailored to reflect the needs of you and your organisation or group. Through collaboration with our workshop trainers during the preparation process, you can feel confident that you will get what you need from our programmes!

Taught by the developers of the well-recognised European diversity training programme ‘Belieforama’, our workshop trainers come from a variety of religious backgrounds and all possess expert knowledge of diversity in New Zealand society

Workshops are available nation wide for Professional, business, charity, community and religious organisations, and local groups. Each workshop if tailored to suit the needs of the group.

  • Workshops can be half day, full day or two day events.
  • Workshops are inclusive of all, wether you are religious or not.
  • Content can be customised to suit your goals.
  • We take a holistic approach to training, using interactive and innovative techniques.
participants collaborate on learning in our specially cutstomised programmes.

Charges negotiated on inquiry. For more information on professional development workshops for businesses and professional organisations, click here.