Engaging with Religious Diversity

Professional Development Workshops

The Religious Diversity Centre (RDC) Professional Development Workshops address the workplace or professional environment in respect of religious diversity and allied issues. Amid the increasing diversity of cultures, ideas, ideologies and religions in our society and institutions religious diversity deserves its own particular attention.The workshops help people to engage with the questions and uncertainties that often arise when religious diversity, often in the context of cultural diversity, is apparent in the workplace or professional environment.

The RDC Workshops:

  • address the opportunities and the challenges presented by the diversity of religions in the professional environment,
  • are interactive, participant-oriented, informative,
  • are designed to provide participants with tools for engaging with religious diversity.

Workshop Participants will:

  • share experiences of religion, ethnicity and culture within a safe environment,
  • explore the meaning, impact and issues of religious diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand,
  • address local manifestations of stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination related to religion,
  • develop skills for creating inclusive intercultural environments in their spheres of influence.

Workshops are led by facilitators, trained and accredited by the international Belieforama Programme which has been widely endorsed in Europe.The charge to an organisation for a half-day workshop is $1500.00, and for a full-day workshop is $3000.00.

How do we engage with diversity in a diverse community?

How do we begin a conversation with someone so very different from ourselves?

Why is it important to understand something of what a person’s religion/faith is, and also how that impacts on the other aspects of their lives – especially their profession, relationships, and world-view?