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Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination workshops 

The aim of the ‘Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination’ workshop is to contribute to social cohesion in our multi-cultural multi-religious society – in organisations across the various sectors and at local community level.

This workshop is designed for everyone, whether religious or not,  interested in issues of religious diversity.

Workshop Participants will:

  • Share experiences of religion, ethnicity and culture within a safe environment
  • Explore the meaning, impact and issues of religious diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Address local manifestations of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination related to religion
  • Develop skills for creating inclusive intercultural environments.

The workshop has an innovative and holistic approach with highly interactive methods. It will be led by two facilitators trained and accredited by the internationally acclaimed Belieforama Programme. It will not only give participants an increased awareness of the issues, but will also encourage their personal responsibility towards creating inclusive environments. 

“Shaping attitudes and building capacities to enable people to create inclusive environments in all their spheres of influence”

Are you Interested?

If so, contact the RDC Administrator:   admin@rdc.org.nz                                                                         Phone 022 373 9710 

OR mail to Religious Diversity Centre,  P.O. Box 5543, Auckland 1141

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