The 2020 Religious Diversity Calendars available Now!

The 2020 Religious Diversity Calendar for Aotearoa New Zealand is a helpful resource, that illustrates the diversity of our country using both dates and images. 

Front Cover
The 2020 calendar features images which highlight the diversity of New Zealand religious communities

The calendar can be useful….

  • Let it open up a new conversation.
  • Hang it in the office for colleagues to consult.
  • Display it in the classroom as a point of interest for students.
  • Acknowledge a neighbour’s time of festive celebration.
  • Check the date when organising an interfaith event.

Orders can be made by emailing the centre administrator,

The cost is $15 each, +$5 p&p. for up to five copies or $10 p&p for up to ten copies. Payment can be made by cheque or by banking – details provided upon placement of order.

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