The 2019 AGM of the Religious Diversity Trust Board was held at Otago House in Auckland on August 11. The following are confirmed as Trustees for a further three years: Dr Zain Ali, Jocelyn Armstrong, Professor Paul Morris, Professor Edwina Pio, Selva Ramasami, Bhai Verpal Singh, Ricky Waters, the Ven Amala Wrightson Sensei, Dr Jenny Te Paa Daniel.

They are now joined by new Trustees Jon Lamb and Marc Rivers who are appointed for their initial term of three years. Trustees affirmed a proposal to amend the former roles of Chair and Deputy Chair to one of co-chairs thereby reflecting more respectfully the symbolism of Treaty based partnership leadership. Jocelyn Armstrong and Dr Jenny Te Paa Daniel will share the leadership role for the next three years. 

Retiring Trustees Professor Douglas Pratt and Dr Kevin Clements were thanked for their contributions to the work of the RDC over the past three years. 
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