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ANNOUNCEMENT: RDC 2020 Calendars Now Available!

The 2020 Religious Diversity Calendar for Aotearoa New Zealand is a helpful resource, that illustrates the diversity of our country using both dates and images. 

Orders can be made by emailing the centre administrator, rdc@rdc.org.nz.

The cost is $15 each, +$5 p&p. for up to five copies or $10 p&p for up to ten copies. Payment can be made by cheque or by banking – details provided upon placement of order.

UPCOMING: Connecting Faiths / Interfaith/ Hui 2020

Following the events of 15 March 2019, the Prime Minister met with faith leaders in June to discuss how we could build greater interfaith collaboration with each other and within New Zealand, and what could be achieved by an interfaith dialogue with government through a series of regional hui.

The purpose of the regional hui is to discuss, identify and agree on specific actions to promote greater social inclusion and wellbeing, and to counter racism, discrimination and religious intolerance.

The hui are seen as a chance for people to make broader connections outside of the communities that they represent and/or have traditionally connected with, and identify community-led action that encourages and facilitates understanding and respect, tackles harms to inclusion, and grows awareness of the benefits of diversity.

The hui will take place as follows:

Sunday 2 February – Dunedin  [including Southland and Otago attendees]

Sunday 16 February – Auckland  [including Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland attendees]

Sunday 23 February – Christchurch  [including Marlborough and West Coast attendees]

Sunday 1 March – Wellington  [including Taranaki, Manawatu, Horowhenua, and Hawkes Bay attendees]

The discussion will focus on

  • Sharing what attendees may already be doing to support social inclusion and wellbeing
  • Identify further actions that could be jointly worked on and those interested in working/leading these projects
  • What role government or others might have in supporting this work.

The RDC was represented in the reference group called together by the Office of Ethnic Communities, as a consultative group while planning of the events took place. The Office of Ethnic Communities has asked the Interfaith Councils and the Faith leaders to nominate people to receive invitations to attend. The Office has undertaken to collate actions coming out of each hui and send these to participants, connect interested people, and provide information and initial coordination/ secretariat support in the interim.

Our Purpose:

The goal of the RDC is to foster appreciation, understanding and deeper relationships among the religious, spiritual and secular communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. This will ensure that New Zealand is an inclusive and safe society, where understanding and respect can lead us to a productive future in diversity.

ʻʻThe world badly needs voices of reason and tolerance and those who will work to build dialogue and respect across faiths and beliefs. I do believe New Zealand can show the way.”
— Rt Hon Helen Clark, launching the Religious Diversity Centre in Parliament, 30 March 2016

ʻʻOur country is the 19th most religiously diverse country out of 232 countries in the world. The value of religious diversity needs to be consciously and positively developed. It can then be an enormous positive resource for social harmony and cohesion instead of becoming a threat or challenge.”
— Prof. Paul Morris, Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies, Victoria University of Wellington

ʻʻThe time has come for a Centre that ensures accurate information is available about New Zealand’s religious communities and the issues that impact on them—and on us all. If sound knowledge feeds into wide public discussion then quality policy-making can be achieved for the country.”
— Jocelyn Armstrong, Chair, Religious Diversity Centre Trust

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