The Reformation 500 Conference was held in Hamilton, New Zealand, at the Meteor Theatre and St Peter’s Cathedral from 29 – 31 October 2017. For more information, please visit the Conference’s website at <>.

The 1517 Reformation was arguably one of the major game changers in Western and World History and has had huge implications for the South Pacific. The Reformation had an impact on much human activity and thought. We, a group of New Zealand-based scholars and artists with a keen interest in the intersection between religion and society, took a closer look at the Reformation and its legacies.

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the 1517 Reformation we  organised a series of workshops, presentations, exhibitions and other events with a view to exploring the nature and impact of the Reformation on our communities. This exploration accommodated a broad and inclusive range of contributions.

Being ourselves of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, we encouraged a wide spectrum of participations. We engaged in a dialogical process that enriched our understanding of the ongoing significance of (re-)formative ideas and practices in religion and society.

Reformation and the Arts
We will create spaces for artistic presentation and discussion including concerts, exhibitions, performances and a poetry competition.

Organising Team:
Rev Br Andrew McKean (Local Organiser)
Dr Norman Franke (Program Chair for Reformation and the Arts)
Dr Rowland Weston (Program Chair for Rethinking the Reformation)
Annika Hinze (Social Media & Communications)
Dr Rachael Griffiths-Hughes (Music, University of Waikato)
Dr Todd Nachowitz (Religious Studies, University of Waikato)
Dr Colm Mckeogh (Political Science, University of Waikato)For more information contact:
Dr Norman Franke: <frankebowell @> ‘Reformation and the Arts’
Dr Rowland Weston: <rowland09 @> ‘Rethinking the Reformation’


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